More About Me

Professional background

I came to Real Estate after more than 25 years in the Corporate World. That career gave me the intense experience of learning and adapting to the staff and differing needs of Ten different US markets, and that of 3 foreign Countries. I have had the opportunity to lead tremendous Sales, Sales Support & Manufacturing teams as a Vice President or Managing Director during the greatest part of that career tenure. From that background, I bring an unwavering commitment to getting the job done right, while always remaining sensitive to the real needs of the individual or individuals I am working with and on behalf of. I chose this career as a way to Make A Difference on a personal level.

Real Estate Background

I have personally been either a Buyer or Seller in 23 Real Estate Transactions...needless to say, my education first as a consumer working with a broad swath of Real Estate professionals has been invaluable to me. During my many career relocation's, I became a student of location investing, and home remodeling. When it came time for a career change, no options were in any way as inspiring as having the opportunity to actually be paid for what had already become a driving passion in my life! In preparation for this new career, I attended the Rockwell Institute, one of the most highly accredited Real Estate Schools on the West Coast. In 2004, I chose to be a part of Windermere, and most importantly the Capitol Hill Brokerage, because of my deep respect for that organizations' integrity and high expectations of their licensed agents. In my first two years as a Broker, I helped clients with more than 24 transactions, and was among the highest producers in my office...None of which I was striving for; it was in my mind, simply a matter of connecting with and meeting the needs of the right people, for which I am truly grateful. Moving forward to 2015, I've remained in the top 10% of Brokers in Seattle, averaging more than 20 transactions per year.

My Approach with Clients

My Clients have said that they view me as their confidante, a trusted friend & someone who they feel comfortable with in assisting them in what is a major financial and life decision. I use the analytical skills gained from my corporate career to assist you in the decision making process. I strive to provide information in a concise and consistent manner, that will enable you to make decisions not only on emotional values, but more grounded and rational values as well. Real Estate transactions are inherently confusing and goal is to simplify and clarify that process for you. My job as I see it, is to manage and monitor the entire process every step of the way. I believe that clear and open communication with you and every client is an essential part of our working relationship. My goal is to help you attain the buying or selling experience you want and deserve. I stay abreast of and employ only the most successful and effective marketing methods...regardless of cost. I will go above and beyond to help you sell your home...OUR goal is to attract the broadest and most qualified buyer audience possible!

Next Steps

If you are thinking of initiating the buying or listing process, please call me at 206-200-5156. I'll be happy to visit with you and create a plan to achieve your goals. You can also reach me by email at
Thanks so much for taking the time to consider me as your Real Estate Professional.